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Are you tired of constant reminders about paying your $8 ES-SEPM dues each year? 
For a contribution of $100 or more you can now become a life-long member of ES-SEPM!!!

Life-Long Members:   Honorary Life-Long Members:
Gail Ashley  Gerard V. Middleton
Katharine Lee Avary John B. Southard
Ilya Buynevich H. Allen Curran
Nicholas K. Coch  
Cynthia Coron  
Roger J. Cuffey  
James C. Dawson  
John A. Diemer  
Carol B. deWet  
Stan Dunagan  
Robert M. Finks  
Duncan M. FitzGerald   
Amy Frappier  
Deborah Freile  
Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch  
Robert N. Ginsburg  
Bosiljka Glumac In Memory:
Donald H. Goldstein Gerald M. Friedman
Paula Gural  
Susan D. Halsey  
Donald M. Hoskins  
John C. Kraft  
Heather Macdonald  
Neal R. O'Brien  
F. Daniel Russell Jr.  
Randolph P. Steinen  
Paul A. Washington  
Charles W. Welby  
Brian White  
Sherwood W. Wise, Jr.  


Thank you all for your contributions!

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